User Agreement

The current Agreement is active since the moment you agree to it when signing up for SPL WARS

1. Subject of Agreement

The User Agreement is a legally binding agreement and regulates relationship between Administration of the Internet site ‘SPL WARS’ located at, (hereinafter referred to as ‘Administration’ or ‘SPL WARS’) and a private individual (hereinafter – ‘User’) using the website to receive, publish and search for information.

2. Service description

2.1. SPL WARS is a public informative and communicative resource and provides its services under conditions that are the subject of the current Agreement. The Agreement may be altered by us at no special notice. A new edition goes into effect after 3 (three) days since being published, unless suggested otherwise by the Agreement. The current edition of the Agreement can be found at

2.2. After signing up, you receive hard drive space for personal use, to post texts, photographic materials, messages or information related or linked to programs, music, sounds, graphic images or video materials (hereinafter – ‘Content’). The Content is located on Administration’s servers.

2.3. You understand and accept that all the services are provided ‘the way they are’, and that SPL WARS shoulders no responsibility for any delays, glitches, wrongful or untimely shipping, deleting or non-saving of any user personal information.

3. Your Obligations upon Registration

3.1. To use the services provided by SPL WARS, you agree to provide truthful, accurate complete personal information according to the guideline questions provided in the Sign Up Form and keep it updated.

3.2. In case you provide information that is false, or Administration have reasonable doubt that the information you’d provided is false, partial or inaccurate, Administration has the right to freeze or cancel your account and deny you access to SPL WARS website (or its part) with no preliminary notice and explanation.

3.3. During registration, you create a login and a password to access the personalized part of SPL WARS. You hold responsibility for the safety of your login and password as well as for every activity at SPL WARS under your account. Administration has the right to forbid using certain logins and/or withdraw them. You agree to being obliged to inform Administration about any unauthorized (by you) access using your login and password and/or any safety violation. You are also obliged to inform Administration of the fact that you finish working under your account (the ‘Exit’ button) after each working session on the website by yourself. Administration cannot be held responsible for potential data loss or distortion resulting from you violating issues of the current part of the Agreement.

4. User Behavior Regulations

4.1. You understand and agree to the fact that all the responsibility for information (Contents) – data, text, software, music, sounds, photos, graphic images, videos, messages and other materials put up for public access or transmitted in private – shall be shouldered by the personal producing the current Agreement. This means, it is you, not Administration, completely responsible for the Contents you upload, send, transmit or make available in any other way via SPL WARS.

4.2. User agrees to the fact that all Contents posted by them on SPL WARS will be available for all other users both through the website and through translating it to other media with links to the original locations (via e-mail distribution, RSS-subscription, using data as digital postcards, blog posts etc.).

4.3. Administration do not control the Content transmitted via SPL WARS servers and therefore do not guarantee that Content’s accuracy, completeness or quality. You understand that using SPL WARS services you may encounter Contents that are offensive, reproachful or arguable. Under no circumstance is Administration responsible for the Content created by SPL WARS users.

4.4. The copyright to all the Content posted on SPL WARS is attributed to the user who have posted it until it is reasonable to think otherwise. Users do not receive any rights on using Content of other Users outside the framework of opportunity provided by SPL WARS, and are completely responsible for unlawful usage of Contents before the copyright holder.

4.5. The User is solely responsible before third parties for their actions related to creating and locating Content on SPL WARS, providing the Content is in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and doesn’t violate any rights or legal interests of third parties. The Content as a whole and its parts in particular shall not violate the copyright, trademark, brand and/or other intellectual property right legislation as related to third parties. The User agrees to cover all costs entailed by the process of settlement between them and third parties related to creating and locating Contents on SPL WARS website.

4.6. You comply to not using SPL WARS for:

  • Uploading, sending, transferring or locating in any other way Contents that are illegal, harmful, threatening, defaming, abusive, violating copyright legislation, promoting hatred and/or discrimination of people as of their race, ethnic background, gender, religion, social features; contains information that insults specific people or organizations.
  • Violating the rights of those under age and/or bringing them damage in any form.
  • Violating the rights of the minorities.
  • Impersonating another person or organization and/or community representative without being officially entitled to it (including impersonating Administration workers, forum moderators, website owner), as well as providing misleading information regarding properties and characteristics of any subjects and objects.
  • Uploading, sending, transferring or locating in any other way Contents that, according to Russian legislation or any other contract, you have no right to make public.
  • Uploading, sending, transferring or locating in any other way Contents intersecting with any patents, trademarks, corporate secret and other propriety and/or copyright as well as any other related rights held by third parties.
  • Uploading, sending, transferring or locating in any other way advertising information that is not specifically permitted, spam (including spamdexing), lists of other people’s e-mails, Ponzi schemes, multi-level marketing (MLM), online money making and e-mail business schemes, chain letters, as well as sending out invitations to participate in those events (sending unauthorized messages linking to the services provided by Administration); all the aforementioned actions may be considered participation in activities banned by this Agreement issue, even if those messages were sent without direct use of SPL WARS services.
  • Uploading, sending, transferring or locating in any other way any materials that contain viruses or other computer codes, files or software designed to distort, destroy or constrain functional capacity of any computer or telecommunication hardware or software, to gain unauthorized access, as well as those containing serial numbers to corporate software and software for generating those; logins, passwords and other means of gaining unauthorized access to payment-based Internet resources; and posting links for the aforementioned information.
  • Intentionally violating local, federal (of the Russian Federation) or international laws.
  • Gathering and storing third parties’ personal data.
  • Violating regular working of the SPL WARS website.
  • Applying any forms and means of illegal representation of a third party on the Internet.
  • Posting links to web-pages the contents of which are against the law in the Russian Federation.
  • Aiding activity aiming at breaking the regulations provided by the current Agreement.

4.7. You admit that Administration is not obliged to examine every piece of Content before publishing it. You also admit that Administration has the right (but is not obliged) to deny posting or to delete in their discretion any Content available on SPL WARS. You agree to assessing all the risks entailed by using the Content. You also agree to assess the dependability, completeness and usefulness of that Content.

4.8. The SPL WARS website contents may have embedded links to other resources. You admit to the fact that Administration is in no way responsible for availability of those resources and their contents, as well as for any consequences related to using those resources.

4.9. You understand that operation technology of the services may require transferring your Contents via computer networks, and also changing it to meet the technical requirements.

4.10. You agree not to reproduce, repeat and copy, not to sell and resell, and not to use for any commercial purposes any parts of SPL WARS website unless you have a written permission granted by Administration. Signing up you get a non-transferable right to use your account (login and password) to access your personal information. You have no right to delegate your account (login and password) to third parties; you also have no right to receive an account from third parties other than with a written permission granted by Administration. Administration is not responsible for any agreements between you and third parties.

4.11. You agree to having all the Content you post on SPL WARS including texts, photographic materials, comments, entries on forums and other communicational services saved in databases (including open access ones) and not deleted on User’s request. Information is deleted completely in exceptional cases and only if decided so by Administration.

5. Rights and Obligations of Administration

5.1. Administration has the right to post advertising or any other information for public use on the webpage with your Content, however with no damage to the Content of your webpage. The form, the order and the volume of that information may be occasionally changed by Administration.

5.2. You agree that Administration reserves the right to discontinue your login and password and to delete Content for any reason including not using the account or violating the User Agreement. For instance, your account will be disabled after 3 months have passed since the last visit. Administration is not responsible for termination of access to SPL WARS.

5.3. Administration undertakes to perform a complex of actions to protect User’s registration data from unauthorized access, deletion or alteration of information posted by User, and also from other unlawful actions regarding personal data, using all available technical capacity.

5.4. Administration has the right to provide entitled public authority agencies with any User-related information they possess, as regulated by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

5.5. Any Content posted by Users may be used by Administration for further distribution with or without referring to the author, not needing to receive a special permission from User and without paying author’s fee.

6. Proprietorship

6.1. You admit and agree that SPL WARS website and all related software contain confidential information protected by intellectual property and other Russian and international legislation, and Content provided by you while using the services is protected by copyright, trademark, patent and other laws. You agree not to modify, sell or distribute that Content and software as a whole or in parts unless acting on special occasions negotiated with Administration.

6.2. Administration provides you with a personal non-transferable right to use software provided by SPL WARS website on a single PC, provided neither you nor other parties with your accommodation will not copy or alter the software, create software derived from the original one, hack the software in order to get hold of program codes; will not sell, give away, lease, transfer to third parties in any other form rights regarding software for services provided per User Agreement, as well as modifying services (including modifying them for gaining unauthorized access).

7. Exemption from Guarantees

7.1. You understand and accept the following:

  • You are using SPL WARS website at your sole risk. The services are provided the way they are. Administration does not shoulder any responsibility, including that for the services corresponding with User’s objectives.
  • Administration does not guarantee that: services correspond to your demands; services will be provided continuously, quickly, dependably and faultlessly; results receivable from using the services will be accurate and reliable; the quality of goods, services, information etc. received via using services will meet your expectations; all the errors in software will be fixed.
  • Any materials received by you via SPL WARS may be used at your sole risk; you are responsible for any damage that may be brought to your PC and your data upon downloading those materials.
  • Administration is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage that appears as a result of: using or having no opportunity to use services, unauthorized access to your communications, claims or behavior of third parties in services.

8. General Information

8.1. As the services provides under the current User Agreement are free of charge, consumer rights protection is not applicable to them. In case the User Agreement switches to a fee-based form, all the necessary changes will be made in order to suit the aforementioned rights.

8.2. No issue of the current User Agreement shall be understood as fellowship, agent, co-working, employer-employee relationship or any other relationship between you and Administration, unless stipulated so by the current User Agreement.

8.3. If one issue of the current User Agreement is ruled invalid or non-obligatory by court, other issues of the current User Agreement are not automatically considered invalid or non-obligatory.

8.4. Administration’s inaction in case the issues of the current User Agreement are violated by you or other users does not deprive Administration of their right to act on protecting their interests later, as well as doesn’t mean Administration relinquishes their rights in case similar incidents take place again.